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Archive: Aug 2020

DST in Sarasota Magazine 8/24/20


Mummies, Mayhem, and Murder: Sarasota’s Haunted Past A popular nighttime tour promises to delight and fright as Halloween approaches. Sarasota’s known for its pristine beaches and robust arts scene, but it’s also known for some unsolved mysteries—and some spirited buildings as well. Have you heard about the Opera House’s haunted hallways? Learn some spook-worthy history…

DST on WFLA – Channel 8

a man standing in front of a store

Daytime Feature on Sarasota Big Pass Posted: Aug 17, 2020 / 11:30 AM EDT / Updated: Aug 17, 2020 / 11:30 AM EDT Go to to browse the full list of deals from participating attractions, restaurants, hotels, shops and other businesses to see what they’re offering and how you can take advantage of it….

DST in Sarasota Scene Magazine August 2020

a group of people in a store

FEATURING DST’S RESIDENT ART EXPERT & TOUR GUIDE Meet Artist Jerome Chesley Jerome Chesley is most comfortable painting, viewing and learning about art. Proficient in watercolor medium, his artwork is a mixture of things he is interested in such as architecture, still life, travel images and Funky Vibe portraits, made with splashes of bold vivid…

DST in Sarasota Herald-Tribune 8-4-20

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Riding a Sarasota tour bus in the middle of a pandemic by Laura Finaldi, Sarasota Herald-Tribune — Posted 8-04-20 at 7:00 AM Have you ever heard the phrase “be a tourist in your own city?” I used to see that on Instagram in the before times and roll my eyes. It’s a big world out…