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Meet Our Staff

Tammy Hauser

Our Founder & Ceo

a person standing in front of a busKnown as a highly creative, no-nonsense, never-say-never lover of challenge, Tammy Hauser relies on her instinct for seeing the opportunities that others do not. Tammy brings those instincts, skills, and talents to Discover Sarasota Tours, which is part entertainment, part history, and partly a love story for Sarasota; the only place she ever chose to live.

“I learned everything I need to know in the theater,” says Tammy. “As a performer, director, and producer, I enjoy the creative process of bringing stories to life. And as a businessperson, I saw an opportunity to do that here with tours that focus on Sarasota’s amazingly rich culture and history.” When COVID shut the business down in 2020 at the height of Season, Tammy pivoted to creating and then operating a 1979 vintage ice cream truck called The ChillMobile garnering national attention when Facebook Marketplace came to make a movie of her endeavors. The truck remains in business as an auxiliary enterprise complementing her Trolley Cottage Gift Shop filled with wacky and whimsical gifts as a fun place for tour guests to shop.

For 18 years, Tammy was the CEO of a consulting firm for arts organizations and other nonprofits called Blue Sky Thinking LLC. Prior to her consulting career, Tammy spent 15 years working in Minneapolis as an arts administrator for museums, regional theater and dance companies, and historic presenting halls for Broadway Theater, concerts, and live radio shows. Before that she was an arts educator, grant maker for arts organizations and performer. She is also the creator of The Ultimate Pajama Party™, a grown-up girls’ slumber party extravaganza and commercial theater enterprise.

Our Reservationists

David Ivey Reservationist

David Ivey is a native of Southeast Texas. He relocated to Sarasota with his wife and daughters in 2003, finding a new home in Florida. He has a background in the hospitality industry, and says he came to Discover Sarasota Tours for a fun tour and stayed for the people!

Susan Ingalls Reservationist

Susan Ingalls is a new Sarasota retiree with a long career in early childhood special education and care coordination. She and her husband are looking forward to meeting new people and finding time to catch up with family and friends in her native New Hampshire.

Joan Travis Reservationist

Joan Travis joined DST as a Reservationist in March 2021. She comes from Kentucky and has a fun past work history in the film and travel industry.

Max Head of PR (Puppy Relations) and Trolley Cottage Mascot

When not working the window of The ChillMobile, kissing all the kids who give him a pat on the head, Max can be found kissing all the trolley tour guests when they enter or enjoying our many trolley tours!

Our Tour Guides

Pat Canavan

Pat Canavan comes to Sarasota from Dublin, Ireland, by way of Toronto and Boston. In Boston, several years as a Duck Boat tour guide honed his gift of gab. His varied experience and interests include Civil War reenacting (on the losing side), beekeeping (until he experienced anaphylaxis after a sting), and Special Olympics coaching. He is a certified Florida Master Naturalist and an active member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. He loves his three big rescued dogs (and his wife, too).

Jerome Chesley

Jerome Chesley, leader of DST Public Art Tours and the Art Crawl Gallery Tours, is a painter whose background in education includes teaching in both public school and college level. He continues to teach painting in Florida where he is currently the president of the Florida Watercolor Society, and a docent for the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota’s (FASS’s) iconic Florida artists’ collection in the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center. Summers find him teaching at the renowned Chautauqua Institution in New York State. BA & MA, SUNY College at Buffalo, and additional studies at the University of Art in Siena, Italy.

Kathryn Chesley

As an actress and former theater educator, Kathryn uses her love of theater, history and performance to bring the Leading Ladies of Sarasota to life. Dressed in the costume of the era, Kathryn portrays Sarasota’s founding mothers, including Bertha Palmer, Marie Selby, Mary Jane Whitaker, Mina Edison, Rose Wilson, suffragette Carrie Chapman Catt, and Mable Ringling. Along with her work as a guide with Discover Sarasota Tours, Kathryn also serves on the Board for the Historical Society of Sarasota.

Bob Collins

Bob Collins’ love affair with the circus was nurtured when he first visited Sarasota as a child, beginning in 1950. Since then, he has enjoyed a 44-year career in entertainment marketing, working for such shows as Ice Capades, World Wrestling Entertainment, and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. He also served on the board of the Circus Arts Conservatory, helping to preserve and promote the legacy of the circus in Sarasota. He enjoys showing people The Circus Side of Sarasota by conducting “Big Top” tours and giving lectures about our charming and historic “Circus City.”

Kendra Cross

Kendra Cross grew up in a Mennonite community, with great-grandparents who were Amish—an experience that planted in her seeds of understanding, appreciation, and the desire to continue that connection. Living just blocks from the Pinecraft community allows Kendra daily communication and exposure to the uniqueness and vitality of the Amish and Mennonite culture. She points out that Sarasota’s 90-year old community is the only one of its kind in the United States, and says it’s a joy to share it!

Sarah Haun

Sarah Haun is a local actor, singer, dancer, and educator born and raised in Florida. She is a strong advocate for arts in education, and loves incorporating visual and performing arts into her teaching. She was last seen as Lita Encore in Ruthless! here in Sarasota. She is excited to perform again after taking some time off to focus on teaching.

Michael DeMocko

Michael DeMocko is an actor, director and educator who has been performing locally, nationally, and internationally for more than 25 years. He is the Drama teacher at the William Monroe Rowlett Academy for Arts and Communications. He has a really awesome family. Enjoy the tour!

Jon MacDonald

Jon Mac has proudly lived in Sarasota since December 1972. He grew up in Western New York state near Lake Chautauqua, and played four varsity sports in high school. He played on the basketball team at Jamestown Community College, and then attended SUNY Brockport. After moving to Sarasota, with ties to Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Jonny Mac worked at the iconic Sawmill Inn Restaurant for more than seven years as bartender/bar manager. He then spent 32 years in the wholesale liquor and wine industry, employed by National Distributing Company, followed by Southern Wine and Spirits. His passion for sports, entertainment, and the history of our beautiful Sarasota continues to grow.

Steve McAllister

Steve McAllister is an actor, author, poet, producer, songwriter, and revolutionary. He may be best known for his one-man shows, Will Rogers Revived and The Cowboy Cabaret, his historical epic, Money, Sex, Power & Faith, his portrayal of Sarasota’s first settler William Whitaker in the film No Real Than You Are, or his repertoire of original songs and covers. But some know him as the Sarasota native who attempted to live for a year without money, run for county commissioner, and thought up ABC Squared Economics as a way to celebrate our Artistry, Business, Citizenry, and Community. However you may know him, he has stories to tell. You can find his website at and on social media as @SteveMcAlphabet.

Kaylene McCaw

Kaylene McCaw (Haunted Guide | Ghost Hostess | Sound Healing) is an award-winning actress, playwright and author of The Human Experience Quick-Start Guide. This little book was written during her time as artist-in-residence at The Hermitage Artists Retreat. She spent 13 years at The Players Theatre, performing lead roles both musical and dramatic. She also managed the theater’s costume department and coordinated the Backstage at The Players black box theater project. Today she practices Sound Healing and hosts an Airbnb retreat in her home.

Michael Newton-Brown

Michael Newton-Brown’s first psychic experience came when he was three years old. He woke up crying, as his great grandmother had just passed over downstairs, and came to say goodbye on her way out. Michael began tarot reading in 1970; in 1975, he attended the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences in Stansted, England. Michael has used his intuition to establish a long, and successful, professional career in the entertainment industry. He is a member of The Tarot Association, and also attends The Reader’s Studio in New York. He teaches classes in beginning and advanced tarot, as well as a series called “Kickstarting Intuition” at The Spirit University in Sarasota, Florida.

Liz Pascoe

Liz, a Salt Lake City native, has been teaching performing arts for the last ten years across the country. She toured with Missoula Children’s Theatre, then landed locally where she teaches theatre and a variety of other subjects at The Mangrove School and Saltmeadow School. She also teaches a variety of acting classes at Florida Studio Theatre, Venice Theatre and holds a certificate in Expressive Arts. Liz most enjoys facilitating others’ creative discoveries and explorations.

Daniel Pelissier

Daniel has been learning the actor’s craft entirely in the field since 2011, and is most at home playing fantastic, melodramatic, over-the-top characters. The skills he’s developed over the years also include dancing, fencing, wrestling, and stilt-walking. He received his first rave review as the evil Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, originated the role of Dionysus in Goat Song Revel, and for the past two years has been slowly fleshing out his drag alter ego, Lady Charlotte Laquelle. You can see Daniel on Amazon Prime in Barry Gaines’ low-budget sci-fi series, A World of Worlds.

Our Drivers

Chris Baker

Chris Baker joined our staff of drivers at Discover Sarasota Tours in 2021. He enjoys showing off the wonderful sights of Sarasota on our trolley and van tours.

Dori Fava

Dori Fava moved to Sarasota from Illinois in 2019, and joined Discover Sarasota Tours’ staff of drivers in 2021. She loves to make our guests feel welcome on Dolly The Trolley!

T. J. Milewski

T. J. Milewski has been a driver for Discover Sarasota Tours since mid-2021. He enjoys being a part of the Sarasota experience for visitors and residents alike!

James Ward

James Ward joined our staff of drivers at Discover Sarasota Tours in 2022. James used to driver ambulances at his job as a 911 paramedic, fire trucks serving as a volunteer firefighter in two Florida counties, a drill rig in New Mexico, and Monorails at Disney World. While fire trucks and ambulances sometimes required him to drive fast, James enjoys driving slowly by the wonderful sights of Sarasota for our tour guests.