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Seeking Locally-Made Sarasota Products


Discover Sarasota Tours is Seeking LOCAL Artists, Designers, Collectors, & Purveyors of Sarasota Products for Consignment Sales at its Vintage Sarasota Shop

Discover Sarasota Tours is seeking LOCAL artists. designers, collectors & purveyors of Sarasota products for consignment sales at its Vintage Sarasota shop.

As the shop with the LARGEST collection of Sarasota memorabilia, gifts, cards, books and souvenirs, Vintage Sarasota would like to invite designers, artists, merchants and collectors of local Sarasota items to contact us for inclusion in our retail Discover Sarasota trolley gift shop.

Homegrown products, artwork, cards, collectibles, and souvenirs of Sarasota or any of our 8 tour themes like Ringling Circus or Haunted Sarasota are welcome.

Current artists featured in the shop include Brendan Coudal’s collection of artboards, greeting cards, postcards and t-shirts of vintage Sarasota buildings and images (some of which, like the Lido Beach Casino or Mira Mar Hotel, no longer exist). The shop also carries prints by our Public Art Tour Guide and local watercolor artist Jerome Chesley.

Please contact Information about the Vintage Sarasota shop can be found on our website:

All Discover Sarasota Tours depart from the DST Trolley Depot located at 1826 Fourth Street—a cute 1930s cottage near downtown with a charming Vintage Sarasota gift shop.

Tour tickets and information can be found online at For information call 941-260-9818. Private groups start at 20+ passengers. There is also a TOUR-ISTA membership program for serial tour-goers, offering discounts and tickets to the annual Trolley Bash.

“Sarasota is home to educated, curious, and passionate residents and visitors who want to learn more about her creative, multi-layered past,” says Tammy Hauser, founder and CEO of Discover Sarasota Tours.


Discover Sarasota Tours offers entertaining, interactive and informative air-conditioned trolley tours about the most interesting people, intriguing places, and amazing stories that have shaped Sarasota’s rich cultural past. We offer 8 different trolley tours exploring the history, culture, and unique aspects of Sarasota, plus special holiday tours and other themed adventures, all running year-round.