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Dst On Snn – 8/6/22

a store front at day

Saturday, August 6th 2022, 5:39 PM EDT
By Briana Bozkurt

Discover Sarasota Tours has something for everyone

Discover Sarasota Tours is celebrating four years of business.

They don’t just offer sightseeing for tourists, you can be a lifelong resident and still learn something new about our historic city.

“I’ve had people say I’ve lived here 20 years and you’ve taught me more than I’ve ever known about this place,” said tour guide Steve McAllister.

Discover Sarasota runs a variety of trolleys all year round. Their staple is the sightseeing tour.

“It’s a overview tour of Sarasota’s history, culture, neighborhoods, things to do, and places to go,” said Tammy Hauser, CEO Discover Sarasota Tours.

With 48 points of interest packed into 90 minutes, you learn things about streets and buildings that we drive by every day.

“The longest resident here was 63 years and she got off the trolley and said I didn’t know any of this stuff. I had such a great time going down streets I’ve never been to, learning the historical aspects of learning why streets are names this, why neighborhoods are named this, and what the history of the Ringling’s here were,” said Hauser.

If you’re in the mood for a little thrill, they also offer a haunted tour and a murder mystery trolley.

“It’s wonderful for locals, it’s wonderful when you have guests coming and you want an air conditioned and comfortable experience to show your guests the city without having to drive,” said Hauser.

McAllister was born and raised in Sarasota. I asked him what is the most unique thing people are surprised to hear.

“Probably the energy vortices they have here and they attract the worst drivers on the planet,” said McAllister while laughing.

His real answer was the history behind the circus legacy and the fact that we are the only place in the world where the Amish come to vacation collectively.

Tours run Tuesday through Sunday. For more information click here.