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Sarasota, Florida –  “Best Little City in The USA”

by: By Michael Cunningham, Golf & Travel Writer  3/19/2020

Kilometres of white sand beaches, islands, countless sheltered bays with warm clear waters, culture, architecture, festivals and an abundance of outdoor pursuits – welcome to Sarasota, Florida, “The Best of the Best Small Cities in the United States”—a wealth of cultural attractions, elegant hotels and a dynamic food scene, according to Conde Nast Traveler. They’re right!

Every year, domestic and international publications and travel sites acknowledge the area at the top of just about everything that celebrates what a perfect vacation should be; best places to live, best beaches, best theatre and arts scene, top restaurants for both casual and sophisticated dining, most cafes per capita in the US, and even the “best city for vegans” according to

An hour south of Tampa Bay, Sarasota is located at the northern end of Sarasota County on the Gulf of Mexico’s southwestern coast. Travelling south from Sarasota, you’ll discover Venice, one of ‘The Best Beach Towns to Live In.’ There’s something for everyone throughout Sarasota County, no matter your lifestyle or interests.

Sarasota is not a retirement city per se, though surveys continually rate Sarasota and Sarasota County as the best place to retire. No, Sarasota is unique from other Florida settings, an eclectic city of 57,000 full-time residents’ whose lifestyle and interests seldom seem to be moving at ‘retirement speed’.

For Canadians, Sarasota County is the perfect destination for a memorable escape from less temperate climes. Major airports across Canada have regular scheduled and one-stop flights to Sarasota/Bradenton or Tampa’s International Airport with Sarasota less than an hour away.

Once settled, take a few hours to get to know Sarasota. The perfect way to do this is to reserve a seat with one of the numerous tour companies, such as Discover Sarasota Tours, where knowledgeable guides provide intriguing stories showcasing fascinating locales, history and the personalities that have shaped this cosmopolitan centre. [MORE]