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Discover Sarasota Tours offers city tours, circus tours and ghost tours.

by Business Observer | Staff

Clang, clang, clang went the trolley.

At least in Sarasota, where a new trolley-based tour company started operating in mid-October. The company, Discover Sarasota Tours, promises tourgoers a dose of Sarasota history aboard an air-conditioned trolley.

Tammy Hauser, founder and CEO of Discover Sarasota Tours, says, “I have a theater background, and I love tours.” Plus, she says she thought there was an untapped market in Sarasota for a tour company that would host a variety of tours on a regular basis. “The response has been really positive,” she says.

The tours leave from a cottage near downtown Sarasota and use trolleys leased from SRQ Trolley.

Hauser wants the tours to be entertaining, so she’s loaded them up with information about people, places and facts. There’s a city sightseeing tour that provides an overview of Sarasota, a circus tour that shares Sarasota history from a circus perspective and a ghost tour that Hauser describes like this: high jinks, bootlegging, gangsters, murders, scandals and of course, ghosts.