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Guest Code of Conduct

Guest Code Of Conduct

For the safety and comfort of all passengers, please observe the following rules while on Discover Sarasota Tours vehicles or facilities. You will be warned and may be required to leave vehicle or facilities if you violate any of the rules.

  • No littering.
  • No weapons.
  • No distracting the driver.
  • No eating or open containers of food or drink on vehicles.
  • No consuming alcoholic beverages on vehicles.
  • No flammable or explosive materials.
  • No lying down or putting feet on seats.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • No bare feet; shirts, bottom attire and shoes are required.
  • No emitting offensive body or clothing odors.
  • No lewd or indecent behavior and/or attire.
  • No loud talking, abusive, profane or obscene language.
  • No physical or verbal harassment of other passengers or DST employees.
  • No use of radios, media players, computers, etc. without headphones on low volume.
  • No video or audio recording of any tour.
  • No excessive note-taking that would violate copyright laws.
  • No smoking or vaping of any tobacco product or use of any non-tobacco electronic device.
  • No soliciting, proselytizing or attempting to buy or sell anything on DST vehicles or facilities.
  • Pets must be kept on leashes or in small carriers (guide dogs and service animals may accompany disabled passengers).


  • Engage in illegal activities.
  • Engage in fighting or threaten violence.
  • Fail to leave the vehicle after having been directed to do so.
  • Willfully destroy or damage DST property.

Discover Sarasota Tours reserves the right to deny boarding to any individual for not adhering to our Guest Code of Conduct.

You may be removed from the trolley for exhibiting unruly or dangerous behavior toward cast, driver or other passengers. Additionally, you will be held financially responsible for loss, damage or expense resulting from your conduct. For example, you may be liable for costs if your behavior causes damage to the vehicle or makes it impossible for other guests to enjoy their experience.

By purchasing a ticket from Discover Sarasota Tours, guests agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Code of Conduct, and no covenants at law or in equity shall be implied or incorporated. This Code of Conduct is subject to applicable laws.