Tammy Hauser

Founder and CEO

Known as a highly creative, no-nonsense, never-say-never lover of challenge, Tammy Hauser relies on her instinct for seeing the opportunities that others do not. Tammy brings those instincts, skills, and talents to her new company, Discover Sarasota Tours, which is part entertainment, part history, and partly a love story for Sarasota; the only place she ever chose to live.

“I learned everything I need to know in the theater,” says Tammy. “As a performer, director, and producer, I enjoy the creative process of bringing stories to life. And as a business person, I saw an opportunity to do that here with tours that focus on Sarasota’s amazingly rich culture and history.” 

For the past 17 years, Tammy has been the CEO of a consulting firm for arts organizations and other nonprofits called Blue Sky Thinking LLC, which she continues to run. Prior to her consulting career, Tammy spent 15 years working in Minneapolis as an arts administrator for museums; regional theater and dance companies; historic presenting halls for Broadway Theater, concerts and live radio shows. She is also the creator of The Ultimate Pajama Party™, a grown-up girls’ slumber party extravaganza and commercial theater enterprise.

Tammy has two children who share her love of travel, entertainment, and tours, and a sweet recue dog named Poppy who just experienced her first canine trolley tour in Kennebunkport, Maine and gave it “two paws up”!

Martha Kesler

Trolley Depot Greeter

Martha Kinney Kesler is a graduate of the red brick Sarasota High School where her focus was music and liberal arts. At the Holderness School in Plymouth, NH, Martha produced and directed musicals, drama and comedy with casts of 10 to 50 to which the entire lakes region was invited. Martha was also conductor of the Sarasota Jewish Chorale for 14 years. Presently one can find Martha backstage at the Players Center for the Performing Arts.

Sarafina Murphy-Gibson


A performer, theater artist, and creative consultant, Sarafina Murphy-Gibson moved to Sarasota from San Francisco in 2017, and quickly connected with Laura Daniel Gale, the producer and founder of LDG Productions, over a mutual love of performance art and appreciation for haunted history. The pair researched and planned the route of the of their walking tour, which Sarafina leads dressed in 1920s flapper style. Sarasota Ghost Tours launched in October 2017.